Kovea X2 Canister Stove REVIEW

A good value for a sturdy, but heavy canister stove at approximately $27 US (where itโ€™s available).

Mo-go-gear Fire-fly Alcohol Stove REVIEW

Lightweight alcohol stove cooking system with great fuel economy that needs a pot stand redesign.

Montane 180 Rain Shell REVIEW

This waterproof/breathable polyurethane laminate pullover is light, but could lose more weight by eliminating extra features.

Montane Air Jacket Rain Shell REVIEW

Full-featured multi-purpose eVENT rain jacket that weighs less than 13 ounces, but what's the deal with the wire brim on the hood?

Oware Gore-Tex Rain Chaps REVIEW

Bushwalkers take note: these chaps are tough, breathable, and weigh less than six ounces.

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Rain Hat REVIEW

A functional and lightweight waterproof-breathable rain hat that becomes a performance liability in warm conditions.

GoLite Reed Rain Pants REVIEW

The lightest waterproof/breathable rain pants available: nearly perfect, with one glaring problem - that we show you how to address "easily enough" without adding a lot of weight.

Equinox Full Moon Chaps REVIEW

Silnylon rain chaps that are freakishly light but limited in application and best paired with a poncho or cagoule.

GoLite Ultra-Lite Poncho/Tarp REVIEW

Just because Skurka and Coup chose this raingear/shelter for their record-setting thru-hikes, that doesn't mean it will work for you. Here's the scoop on a tough poncho that makes a great shelter but suffers a little in raingear mode.

Markill Peak Illuminator Canister Lantern SPOTLITE REVIEW

A mantle-type canister fuel lantern that puts out lots of light, is silent, and gets good gas mileage

Six Moon Designs Comet Backpack REVIEW

Removable stays, an internal pad pocket, and adjustability over a wide torso length range make the Comet unique.

Tarptent Rainbow (Sneak Preview) SPOTLITE REVIEW

A free-standing Tarptent with side-entry, loads of headroom, and under two pounds!

Big Sky Products (SummitShelters) Revolution 2P UL Tent REVIEW

Light weight, single-wall Epic shell, two-person freestanding tent.

GoLite Vision Backpack REVIEW

A panel loading internal frame pack with a small volume and very low profile that offers comfort with excellent organizational features.

Gregory Spectrum Backpack REVIEW

An internal frame panel loading pack with a polished design, plenty of features, and rock solid performance. The Lexus of small volume panel loaders? Perhaps.

Tarptent Virga 2 Single Wall Tent SPOTLITE REVIEW

More headroom, usable volume, and pitch options. Also a little more weight and complexity.

Integral Designs Silcoat Backpack SPOTLITE REVIEW

Simple, lightweight, and versatile.

GoLite Galaxy Internal Frame Backpack SPOTLITE REVIEW

Internal frame, enough volume for a long trek, and light weight = more appeal for traditional backpackers looking to "go light" without gettin' freaky about it.

Montane 180 Waterproof/Breathable Shirt SPOTLITE REVIEW

Rain shirt? Jacket? Who cares: It's 7 oz and has the ability to disappear in a corner of your pack.

Mo-go-gear Fire-fly Alcohol Stove SPOTLITE REVIEW

A tiny stove well suited for backpackers that view pint sized cooking mugs as group cooking devices.

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