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Weighing only 2 pounds 11 ounces (1.22 kg) for the complete package, the Big Sky Products SummitShelters series Revolution 2P UL may be the lightest two-person freestanding tent on the market. It comes standard with an Epic shell, vestibule, silnylon floor, Fibraplex carbon fiber poles, and titanium stakes, and costs only $345.


  • Overview
    • In Brief
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Tent Type, Fabric Description, Pole Material, Weight Full Package, Weight Minimum Package, Floor/Vestibule Area, Floor Area/Backpacking Light Minimum Weight Ratio, Dimensions, Model Year, MSRP, Options
  • Usable Features/Ease of Use
  • Weight/Sizing
    • TABLE: Weight Comparison - Standard Components
    • TABLE: Weight and Cost Comparison - Minimum Weight Components
  • Usable Space
  • Wind Stability
  • Storm Protection
  • Ventilation/Condensation Resistance
  • Insect Protection
  • Value

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