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Doing a trip like this requires some advance preparation. I like to keep my pack packed and ready - it hangs on a hook in my garage - so that if I get a hankering to take a 24, I'll just grab a camera, a map, and some food, drop it in my pack, and go. No fiddling around with gear lists or decision making from the gear closet. On a trip like this, gear is the least of my worries (or at least, I want it to be). My 24 pack is thus conservatively kitted - to handle a variety of conditions between March and November (I keep a different pack ready for the cold winter months). As such, I'm carrying a little more weight than I could if I meticulously planned each adventure, but then again, 24's aren't about meticulous planning. They are about dropping the barriers that prevent me from going into the backcountry.


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