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Is there ever a wilderness trip that goes exactly as planned? Maybe you've been more fortunate, or better planned, but I've yet to experience a trek with no surprises. Those surprises can lead to the classic wilderness epic, or they are simply a unique memory that makes the post trip story more entertaining. The difference, epic or entertaining story, is determined by the successful application of both soft skills and hard skills.

All of the Backpacking Light Wilderness Trekking School courses aim to build those skills. Thankfully, all of our expedition planning and course curriculum polish never removes the educational opportunities of adapting to the surprises found on a wilderness trek. The following photos are a small sampling of the skill building opportunities we encountered in October 2013's WT2-ULB. (Note: All well composed photo credit goes to Emily Beers, a student on the course. All the blurry ametuer shots were taken by me.)


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