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Don't use down in wet weather. We've heard this mantra since our first outings into the wilderness. It usually goes hand in hand with the hypothermia lecture. But is it really true? How do the latest high tech down and synthetic garments perform when wet? We tested two leading insulated vests with at least one surprising result.


  • Introduction
  • Choosing Test Garments
    • TABLE: Vest Specifications
  • Test Method and Procedures
  • Performance When Dry - Loft to Weight Ratios
  • Loft to Weight Ratios of Selected Down and Synthetic Vests as Measured by Backpacking Light
  • Performance When Wet - Loft Recovery after Soaking of Western Mountaineering Flight and Patagonia Micropuff Vests
    • Loft Recovery after Soaking
    • Normalized Weight Recovery after Soaking
  • Loft Recovery after Soaking of MontBell Down Inner and GoLite Buzz Jackets
    • Loft Recovery after Soaking
    • Normalized Weight Recovery After Soaking
  • Comparative Analysis of Western Mountaineering Flash vs. Patagonia Micropuff Vests after Soaking
  • Factors Contributing to Performance
  • Comparative Analysis of MontBell Down Inner vs. GoLite Buzz Jackets after Soaking
  • What is the Impact of a Partially Wet Garment?
  • Conclusion

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