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The Western Mountaineering Pod 30 is an elegant "top" bag that is only insulated on the top and sides. It has a generous 4 inches of loft and is fully featured with a half zipper, hood, and an innovative flap system for securing it to a mat. The shell is very light ExtremeLite 20 denier nylon and the bag weighs only 18.8 ounces (532 gram) for the large size. It is well designed with high quality materials and comfortable to use. In this review, we discuss detailed specifications and real world performance of the Western Mountaineering Pod 30, with an eye towards discovering its limitations and offering suggestions for improvement.

  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Feature Assessment
    • Pad Sleeve
    • What's Cool about the Pad Attachment System?
    • Fabric
    • Zipper
    • Hood
    • Insulation
  • Performance
    • Durability
    • Sleeping Bag Rating Commentary
    • Value
  • Recommendations for Improvement
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