Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Hood REVIEW

Seals perfectly with the head opening in the JRB poncho quilts and has lots of puff for the weight, but the non-adjustable neck opening can let in drafts when it is used for sleeping.

Innovations by Fin Finbar Hood REVIEW

A big (almost 7-ounce), synthetic hood for cold weather.

Big Agnes Lost Dog 50 Sleeping Bag REVIEW

Generously sized summer synthetic top bag that is on the heavy side of lightweight.

Black Diamond Shadow 55L Backpack REVIEW

A solid - read, heavy - and well-designed climbing pack with a unique Y-frame capable of carrying a lot of weight.

Macpac 35 Amp Backpack REVIEW

Light materials with rugged durability, convenient gear access, and comfort for fastpacking.

OutdoorEquipmentSupplier Ultralight Backpacking Alcohol Stove REVIEW

Product performance review of the OutdoorEquipmentSupplier Ultralight Backpacking Alcohol Stove, a lightweight alcohol stove for backpacking.

Coleman Exponent F1 Ultralight Canister Stove REVIEW

Product performance review of the Coleman Exponent F1 Ultralight canister stove - a performance underdog among small stoves on the market.

Western Mountaineering Pod 30 Sleeping Bag REVIEW

Review of one of the most coveted "top" bags from premium U.S. manufacturer Western Mountaineering.

GoLite Den 2 Tent REVIEW

Single wall two hoop design provides exceptional headroom and interior space, and a full panel door offers terrific views and good ventilation.

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