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Most often, visitors to the Adirondack Preserve flock to the high peaks region of this expansive park, and rightfully so - with 360 degree views that often span as far as the eye can see, and rocky summits that break through the tree-line - there’s no denying the beauty of this region. But we had other things on our minds than bagging peaks this fall. We had done enough of that this season already and the western lakes region was calling.

I had been itching to do some fishing and hiking in the remote streams and beaver-laden swamps of the West Canada Lakes region. Recently having been told of recovering populations of brook trout in this area, my goal was to get out there and try to catch some, while exploring this region in detail for the first time. You can research more about the history of acid rain and industrial pollution-based damage to this region with a quick google search, but it’s too much to cover in the introduction here.

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