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This series began with my article after the winter 2011 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show, where I commented on a long overdue advancement in waterproof-breathable fabric technologies. After nearly 30 years of market domination by Gore-Tex, we finally have several serious contenders that could capture a share of this high-end market. The challengers present some convincing claims and data on how well their fabrics perform in comparison to "traditional Gore-Tex." The stakes are high and the claims are lofty; are the competing technologies really better than Gore-Tex? Manufacturers would like you to believe that these jackets are "highly air-permeable," implying they yield comfort akin to air-conditioning. I simply couldn't resist, for this claim begs the questions: "Are these fabrics magical? Do they really deliver the level of comfort that they claim?" To find out, I tested and compared jackets made of the new fabrics under real world backpacking conditions.

An index to the articles in this series:

An Emerging Revolution in Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies - It's Not Just Gore-Tex Versus eVENT Anymore! Provides a description of the new technologies and highlights new jackets in the pipeline utilizing the new fabrics.

Field Testing Air Permeable Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies Part 2: Are There Detectable Differences Under Real World Backpacking Conditions? Describes my testing method and presents field test results.

Field Testing Air Permeable Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies Part 3: Discussion, Conclusions, and Performance of Individual Jackets (this article) Summarizes my findings and pragmatic conclusions from field testing the jackets while carrying a backpack, and discusses the pros and cons of investing in a high-end waterproof-breathable jacket. Presents test data for each jacket compared to “traditional Gore-Tex”, plus my comments on the most appropriate uses for each jacket.


  • Overview
  • Introduction to Part 3
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Testing Results and Comments for Individual Jackets
    • Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket
    • Mammut Felsturn Half-Zip
    • Mountain Hardwear Effusion Jacket
    • Montane Spektr Smock
    • MontBell Outpace Parka
    • MontBell Thunderhead Jacket
    • Rab Stretch Neo Jacket
    • Stoic Vaporshell Jacket
    • The North Face Kishtwar Jacket
    • Marmot Essence Jacket
  • Breathability Standouts
  • Trends

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