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Four years ago, I was in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area cooking over a Coleman two - burner propane stove waiting for water to boil. It was cool, rainy, and there was a slight breeze. No matter how I moved the camp stove the wind seemed to affect my ability to cook, so I started to think about how I could make this situation better.

When I got home from that trip I came across alcohol stoves and I was immediately intrigued by how simple, and yet very effective they are. The big benefit to this style of stove is the fact that just short of crushing the stove flat it will still burn. There are no little parts to loose or break and no empty canisters lying around after my camping trips. I did find one flaw though. I could not find a stand that would be durable enough for four clumsy guys and was big enough to cook food to feed all of us at once. That is when I started to think about how I could design a stand to resolve all of my problems.

It took several generations and a lot of field testing to come up with what I call the Critter CR-1, which weighs about an ounce and is only two inches tall. The CR-1 resolves the problems that I had with commercially available options. Features like a low center of gravity, the teeth on the main support structure, and sleek design virtually eliminate tipping your food over while cooking and burning your hand from grabbing a hot stand. This design dissipates heat very quickly allowing you to cook and pack up in a very short amount of time all with the peace of mind that you won't burn your hands or your pack.

Whether you are a hard core hiker, canoeist, campground camper, biker, or a weekend camper, Critter camp stove stands combined with your favorite stoves make for a simple and easy cooking experience anywhere you are.


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