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The Terra Nova Laser Competition is a tent that a year ago held the Guinness World Record for "World's Lightest (double-wall) Tent". Although this title is now held by the nearly-identical Terra Nova Laser Photon Elite (2008), the Laser Competition, with its tougher fabrics, is still among the lightest solo double-wall tents on the market.

Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, the Laser Competition is more than just a lightweight experiment, however. It is a fully functional and eminently usable solo tent. It has a spacious interior due to its single-hoop tunnel design and dual carbon struts that maximize space at the ends. The inner and outer tents pitch at the same time, making set-up quick and easy. A taut pitch is also easy to achieve. By using the included pole hood and guy lines, it can also cross to alpine or winter environments and has solid wind stability in moderate winds.


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  • Specifications: Year/Manufacturer/Model, Style, Fabrics, Poles, Stakes, Dimensions, Packed Size, Total Weight, Trail Weight, Fly-only Pitch Weight , Protected Area, Protected Area/Trail Weight Ratio, MSRP, Options , Aftermarket Modifications (tested) - Fibraplex Carbon fiber pole set: $44.75, 3.0 oz , Backpacking Light AirCore NANO Dyneema Guy Line Cord Kit: $15.99
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