Butt in a Sling (BIAS) Hammock Review

Butt in a Sling (BIAS) is a cottage manufacturer based in Tennessee, USA that makes some of the lightest and most comfortable hammocks on the market. Their hammocks are all eleven feet (335 cm) long and use ridgelines for a consistent hang. The Weight Weenie Micro is the original model and is available in a variety of widths while the Weight Weenie Micro HD 1.0 is available in one width and uses a slightly heavier and softer fabric. Both hammocks are available with a variety of options. Add the BIAS Suspension Kit and Nano Buginator bug net, and you have a versatile, comfortable, and ultralight hammock setup!

Nemo Equipment Astro Insulated Lite 25L Sleeping Pad Review

The Nemo Equipment Astro Insulated Lite 25L sleeping pad is a plush sleeping pad that adds a touch of luxury to backcountry sleeping. Although discontinued by Nemo, this unique pad may be worth scouring remnant inventory and used gear sales - as of the publication of this review, it may offer the best luxury-comfort-to-weight ratio of any sleeping pad ever manufactured.

Hummingbird Hammocks Reviews: Single, Single+, Pelican, Warbler, and Suspension System

Hummingbird Hammocks offers a variety of Made in the USA hammocks and accessories including three hammocks, two hammock tarps, a bug net, and other accessories. They have some unique features such as Button Links that eliminate the need for carabiners and integrated tree straps with whoopie slings which simplify the suspension system and make setup very easy. They also offer what is likely the lightest hammock on the market - the Single Hammock, which weighs a scant 5.6 oz. Can the lightest hammock also be the most comfortable?

Big Agnes Insulated Double Z Sleeping Pad Review

The Big Agnes Insulated Double Z sleeping pad is a wide and comfy pad that adds luxury to sleeping in the backcountry.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sack Pillow Review

This Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sack Pillow review features a waterproof stuff sack by day, and a pillow by night.

Seek Outside Tipi Review: An Ultralight Stove Tent for Cold Weather Backpacking with a Group

This Seek Outside Tipi Review investigates a shelter that is more like a cabin with a stove, increasing comfort during cold nights.

Seek Outside Redcliff Shelter Review (With Titanium Wood Stove)

Reviewed in this article is the Seek Outside Redcliff Shelter, a large pyramid tent that also includes a titanium wood stove.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 4 Review

This Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 4 review features a lightweight shelter that can be used for mountaineering or family backpacking trips.

Bowron Lakes Canoe Trek: Family Paddling with Kids in Lightweight Style

A Bowron Lakes Canoe trek with my wife and kids - family wilderness paddling, lightweight style. Our trip report, gear notes, and more.

Gossamer Gear Lightrek 4 Trekking Pole Review

What happens when you take the highly rated fixed length Lightrek 3 poles and add adjustability and optional straps? Are extra weight, flexibility, durability, and slipping concerns, or does Gossamer Gear nail it with the Lightrek 4 poles?

Integral Designs Wedge eVENT Bivy REVIEW

A three-pound solo shelter made of almost-magically breathable eVENT fabric and designed for alpine climbing, it can handle wild weather, but is it comfortable to live with?

Terra Nova Laser Competition Review

Prior to the Terra Nova Laser Photon Elite, the Laser Competition was listed by Guinness World Records as "the lightest two-skin (double-wall) tent." While no longer the record-holder, at just over 2 pounds, the Laser Competition is still among the lightest double-wall tents on the market.

Exposure Lights – Joystick MaXx and Enduro MaXx Review

The Exposure Lights Joystick MaXx and Enduro MaXx are rechargeable lights with excellent versatility for multi-sport pursuits. They can go from the bicycle to the backpack very easily, offering exceptional brightness, light weight, and a weatherproof design.

Komperdell Nature Stick Carbon Trekking Poles Review

With a natural bamboo overlay and a leather grip and strap, these poles have a beautiful and classic look. Underneath the bamboo is a modern tapered carbon fiber trekking pole that is both lightweight and very stiff.

Six Moon Designs Refuge/Refuge X Tent Review

At 25.2 ounces for the Refuge and 15.8 ounces for the "world's lightest two-man" Refuge X, Six Moon Designs now has two of the lightest floored single-wall shelters on the market (and the only floored tent made of Cuben Fiber). Were the design compromises and added expense worth the weight savings?

Gossamer Gear Lightrek 3 Trekking Pole Review

With all-new, tapered and oversized carbon fiber shafts, the Gossamer Gear Lightrek 3 is significantly stiffer than previous models. As reigning “lightest trekking pole” champ, how does this affect the pole’s overall weight?

2008 LuxuryLite Big Survival Stik Walking Staff REVIEW

This is a modern version of the traditional hardwood walking staff. Made of carbon fiber, it is much stronger and more robust than even the stiffest of trekking poles. It has an adjustable hand strap, breaks down into sections, and can even be converted into a “trail defense system".

2007 Hennessy Hyperlight Backpacker A-Sym Hammock REVIEW

The Hennessy Hyperlight Backpacker A-Sym hammock is a refined backpacking hammock that incorporates full rain and bug protection, and has a convenient entry/exit system.

Hennessy Hammocks Supershelter SPOTLITE REVIEW

A lightweight system for using a Hennessy Hammock in the shoulder and winter seasons.

2007 Jacks ‘R’ Better “Down to Earth” Pad Converter REVIEW

The Jacks ‘R’ Better Down to Earth Pad Converter converts any JRB quilt, including the No Sniveller, into a top bag system.

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