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About The Film “Snowshoeing Yosemite Point”

A half dozen times a year you’ll find me in Yosemite. The valley is so visually dynamic that it never gets old. The crowds can be overwhelming at times, but the snow chain requirements and severe flooding in January of 2017 provided the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy the valley in peace Рsnowshoeing Yosemite Point.

I arrived the night after the park re-opened to the public. Yosemite and Bridalveil falls were roaring in full force. The snow was fresh on the steep Upper Yosemite Falls trail, and every hour or so there was a thunderous boom as ice broke free from the nearby granite wall which kept me on my toes.

I spent 2 beautiful nights on the rim that I documented in this short film. I hope you enjoy it.

Gear Notes


  • Smartwool sock liners under Defeet Woolie Boolie socks
  • Brooks Cascadia Trail Runners
  • 40below overboots
  • Chainsen Light Spikes (for Icy sections lower on the trail) and Northern Lites Snowshoes (for snowy sections).
  • Goosefeet down pants, and custom parka stuffed with 7oz of fill.
  • Snow Anchors:¬†Lawson Ti Snow Anchors work great. Unfortunately they‚Äôre currently ¬†out of stock. I believe Lawson is working on a new design.


MSR Windpro Stove and Primus heat exchanger pot. Heavy, and I emptied a large 230g canister in 2 nights.  I’m still on the lookout for a more efficient snow melting system.

Didn’t Use

My Rocky’s Goretex Socks. The 40 Belows were ample protection from moisture in these conditions.

Filmmaker Bio

Chris Smead: Lightweight backpacking and music are my passions.  Amateur film making is how I bring those passions together. I’m a husband and father of 2 living in San Jose, CA and consider the Sierra my home away from home.