Bozeman, Mont. – August 3, 2004 – Dr. Ryan Jordan, a guru of ultralight backpacking in the outdoor industry, will be featured on an upcoming series for the Travel Channel. Jordan, a renowned outdoor enthusiast, engineer, and publisher of, will provide techniques for lightening your load when backpacking. Jordan will appear on the “ultra-lite backpacking” segment of the Travel Gear weekly magazine show, a series of the Travel Channel, at 5 p.m. EDT on August 7. The show will also re-air at 5:30 p.m. EDT on September 18 in the United States and on October 18 in some Asia-Pacific countries.

“Ultralight backpacking is one of the fastest growing segments in the outdoor specialty sports market, and is quickly becoming an activity for all ages and in all geographies of the world,” said Ryan Jordan, publisher of Backpacking Light magazine (ISSN 1550-4417). “In 2003 alone, the number of backpackers in the United States who called themselves lightweight or ultralight nearly doubled. Since that time, the market has literally exploded—with a corresponding increase in the number of people who identify themselves as lightweight backpackers as well as the amount of gear and apparel marketed specifically to this niche.”

Jordan is a professional designer in the field of lightweight backpacking gear and is an accomplished climber and hiker, having conquered virtually all of the highest mountains in the western region of the United States in “ultralight” style. He is an expert in single-push, alpine-style climbs where he tackles summits by hiking 30, 40, or even 50 miles without the use of overnight camps or bivies. Jordan is a lightweight extremist, often reducing his pack weight to less than five pounds, and pursues long-distance hiking—continuous walks of 200 to 400 miles—without re-supplying his food or gear.

As the co-founder and publisher of Backpacking Light magazine, Jordan continuously evaluates new lightweight backpacking products, vigorously tests them in extreme conditions, and writes detailed and humorous reviews of the products and his travels. Backpacking Light has been recognized as a leading authority in the area of ultralight backpacking and has been featured in several national publications.

Unlike many other backpacking and gear professionals, Jordan has vast engineering expertise, with degrees in civil engineering, environmental engineering and biofilm engineering. This educational background is instrumental in his ability to evaluate, test and develop lightweight packing gear.

The August 7 Travel Gear show will feature three segments, one fully dedicated to ultra-lite backpacking products. The ultra-lite segment will highlight Jordan along with other dedicated backpackers who put Jordan’s lightweight product recommendations to use.

More on Ryan Jordan, Lightweight Backpacking Expert

Dr. Ryan Jordan currently lives in Bozeman, Mont. where he is the publisher of Beartooth Mountain Press and co-founder of Backpacking Light magazine (

Ryan’s wilderness travel background is rooted in his experience as an Eagle Scout and adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to his work with the Boy Scouts, Jordan also teaches both field- and classroom-based ultralight mountain hiking seminars on a regular basis, with a focus on training Scout leaders, search and rescue personnel, land management agency staff, the media, outdoor program leaders, and adventure travelers.

Jordan is a co-author and editor of both Lightweight Backpacking 101 and Clothing and Sleep Systems for Mountain Hiking, as well as several articles on the subject of lightweight backpacking that have appeared in various outdoor industry trade publications.

Jordan is the co-founder of the Biofilm Institute (, is on Montana State University’s adjunct faculty, and is a senior partner for Cytergy (, the largest U.S.-based provider of scientific e-learning programs in biofilm science and engineering to Fortune 500 corporations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, federal agencies, and higher education sectors. Jordan also remains active in corporate consulting and training in the area of biofilm science, and is a co-editor of Advances in Biofilm Science and Engineering.

Jordan holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering, and a master of science in environmental engineering, both from Washington State University. He also holds a Ph.D. in biofilm engineering from Montana State University.

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