Podcast Episode November 15, 2022

Episode 71 | Sleeping Bag Layering Systems



In today’s episode of the Backpacking Light podcast, we’re going to talk about how to use multi-layered sleep systems to stay warmer on multi-day trips in cold weather.

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In this Episode:

  • Why should we layer two sleeping bags or quilts instead of just using one?
  • The benefits of using a hoodless down bag (inner layer) and an extra-wide synthetic quilt (outer layer).
  • What’s the main problem with using a down bag on multi-day trips in cold weather?
  • How to manipulate the dew point to keep our sleep system dryer!
  • Why a thin synthetic quilt is easier to dry than a thick down bag.
  • What clothing should I wear while using a 2-layer sleeping bag/quilt system?
  • Let’s own less gear, but make it work for us – how to backpack in all four seasons with only two sleeping bags/quilts!
  • How to layer for couples in a 2-person bag where each partner has wildly different temperature tolerances!
  • Why layering sleeping bags or quilts is more versatile and more comfortable than using a single-layer sleeping bag or quilt with all of your clothing layers.
  • The problem with sleeping with lots of clothing layers – circulation and comfort issues.
  • My favorite sleep clothing for cold weather backpacking.

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