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The Moonbow Gearskin is a truly unique pack. More accurately, it is a "harness/compression system that acts like a pack." Instead of using a large sack that is filled from the top or sides, the Moonbow Gearskin folds around your shelter, sleeping bag, and other items and compresses them into a pack-like load. The Moonbow Gearskin system has some strong advantages and also some disadvantages. This review describes the pluses and minuses of this system in the field, and includes tips on packing up with the Moonbow Gearskin.


  • Overview
  • Specifications: Backpack Style, Fabric Description, Sizes, Volume, Weight, Volume to Weight Ratio, Load Carrying Capacity, Carry Load to Pack Weight Performance Ratio, Model Year, MSRP
  • Usable Features and Ease of Use
  • Load Volume Flexibility
  • Pack Load Carrying
  • Durability
  • Value
  • Recommendations for Improvement

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