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The issue of cold feet has been with us since the time of the caveman, - a book could easily be written on the subject. With all the high-tech gear available today, you would think that the problem has disappeared, but it hasn't. Keeping your feet dry and warm during outdoor pursuits in snow and slop requires:

  • A basic knowledge of human physiology, physical factors, and gear function
  • Awareness of footwear options and how they interact
  • Skill in assembling appropriate footwear systems for different conditions

The purpose of this article is to identify combinations of lightweight footwear that effectively keep feet dry and warm during active snow travel during any season of the year.


  • Overview
  • Introduction to Part 1
  • Principles and Techniques for Keeping Feet Dry and Warm
    • Understand Insulation
    • Anything But Cotton (ABC)
    • Wear Socks Made of Technical Fabrics
    • Keep Moving
    • Avoid Tight Socks
    • Wear Larger Shoes
    • If Possible, Wear Breathable Shoes
    • Wear Waterproof Shoes When Truly Needed
    • Change Socks
    • Add Layers for Extra Warmth
    • Make Use of Vapor Barriers
    • Maintain Your Core Temperature
    • Wear a Hat
    • Eat to Maintain Your Metabolism
    • Stay Hydrated
    • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Smoking
    • Foot Treatments
  • Summary
  • Preview of Parts 2 and 3
  • About the Authors

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