The genuine claim to fame of the Jetboil system is the efficiency of heating, due they say to their 'FluxRing' heat exchanger on the base of the pot. Jetboil claims the stove is twice as fuel-efficient as conventional canister stoves when used with a FluxRing pot. At the time of the release of the original Jetboil product, the Personal Cooking System (PCS), the company also claimed a boil time of 90 seconds for two cups for the PCS. However the current Jetboil web site now claims 2 minutes for this. While the PCS had a 1 liter/quart tall mug as a pot, the pot on this new release, the Group Cooking System (GCS) system, is larger at 1.5 liter/quart (4 cups) capacity, and is more conventional in shape. This pot should usually be enough to cook for three people. Jetboil claims a boil time of 4 minutes for 4 cups for this pot. Understandably, power and efficiency were subjected to careful testing!

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