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You have several options for a winter shelter - tent, snow cave, quinzhee, or igloo. Of course a tent is the easiest, and a good four-season model can provide excellent winter shelter, but somehow a tent doesn't have the charisma of a snow shelter (and it's also much colder at night). If you have made a snow cave or quinzhee before, you already know you'll be soaking wet and that you may feel claustrophobic while sleeping. Building a traditional igloo by cutting and assembling snow blocks is an art, and can also be very wet and laborious. Not everyone is up to the task…


  • Introduction
  • Nuts about Huts? Consider Building Your Own!
  • Using an Igloo as a Warming Hut
  • Using an Igloo as a Base Camp Shelter
  • Building an Igloo Hut System
  • Living Conditions
    • Figure 1: Environmental Conditions Inside A Small Igloo
    • Figure 2: Environmental Conditions Inside a Large Igloo
  • Ventilation
  • How Long Will an Igloo Last?
  • Some Igloo Building Tips and Gear Choices
  • Iglooed!
  • Acknowledgements

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