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For families who want to do overnight backpacking trips or groups who need to set up a base camp, a larger tent is usually required. In both cases, this is a common scenario: the group carries their gear to a central location where a camp is established, from which day trips are launched. Tents used for this purpose are selected for their space, features, and comfort. They should be lightweight (if you are the parent you might have the whole thing in your pack), suitable for backpacking, easy to set up and enter/exit, and possess good wind stability, bug, and storm resistance. Tents in this category can also be used for car camping.

The Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT is a four-person, double-wall, four-season tunnel tent. The largest tent in the Nallo line, the GT designation of this tent means that it features an extended-length vestibule. The extra vestibule length is achieved by adding a third pole to the normal two-pole design of the Nallo series.

Although the extended vestibule and associated third pole add additional weight, the extra space has potential for creative use by families and large groups. On paper, the size and shape of the vestibule could - in a pinch - provide sleeping space for up to two additional people. For families with small children, the large porch area has the potential to be very beneficial for dealing with egress, gear, or cooking in inclement weather. Is the luxury of this additional space worth the extra weight?


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