This morning, Garmin announced the milestone of inReach having aided in 10,000 SOS incidents globally.

Data analysis is discussed in this blog post published by Garmin, and summarized in the following two charts:

what are people doing when they trigger an SOS?
Hiking and backpacking accounts for 39% of inReach-triggered SOS incidents. Source: Garmin.
why are people triggering an sos
Injuries and other medical issues (total 47%) make up the overwhelming majority of why people trigger an SOS with their inReach. Source: Garmin.

In our community, it’s probably not surprising that hikers and backpackers needing SOS assistance for injuries and medical issues are the dominant use-cases for inReach SOS triggers. It’s certainly the primary reason why I carry an inReach device – it adds that little bit of insurance for low-probability, high-consequence accidents.

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