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The Hike N' Light alcohol stove is simple and boils a small amount of water quickly. There are no adjustments, it's either on or off, and burn time is controlled by how much fuel is added prior to ignition. The clips that hold the stove together and form the pot stand extend under the stove and make the Hike N' Light alcohol stove very wobbly. The Hike N' Light alcohol stove worked OK with small/light pots, but when heating a 1.5-liter pot of water, the pot fell off the stove! With its large burner and large jets, the Hike N' Light alcohol stove produces a mini-bonfire without a windscreen. With some practice, a windscreen can be used to control combustion air and damper it down. Overall, the Hike N' Light alcohol stove is suitable for solo use, but lacks the stability needed to handle larger/heavier pots.


  • Overview
  • Specifications
    • Stove ID
    • Stove Type
    • Accessories Reviewed
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  • Usable Features
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  • Cooking Performance
  • Heating Efficiency
    • Table 1: Boil Time and Fuel Consumption for Optimal and Windy Conditions
  • Durability
  • Value
  • Recommendations For Improvement

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