The higher leg angle of the REI Flexlite Air Chair (relative to the Helinox Chair Zero), combined with its deeper seat, cradle your hips and body more comfortably, while in a normal sitting position with legs folded near the chair.

Everyone’s got their luxury item (or two, or three) and one of ours is the REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair, which adds an extra pound of weight to your pack but pays dividends in comfort when you reach your campsite. It’s comfortable and easy to set up, and we’ve been taking it on nearly every trip for several years. The metal poles are durable, as is the ripstop nylon seat. I suspect in the future, technology may give us a slightly lighter design, but until then, we’ll keep using these ones! See our comprehensive chair gear guide and Ryan’s very detailed review video comparing the REI Flexlite to a Helinox Chair. – Daniel Hu