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For Sale (FS) / Sold- REI Magma 30 Quilt -Short 17.5 oz
open |  $165
Maria Estrada August 11, 2022 Down Quilts
For Sale (FS) / 3 season REI Co-op Igneo 17 mummy bag
open |  $50
Lloyd Halpern August 10, 2022 Sleeping Bags
For Sale (FS) / REI Magma Top Quilt 30 Degree Sold
closed |  $265.00
Lawrence July 23, 2022 Sleeping Bags
For Sale (FS) / 2 REI hiking Hats
open |  $40
S W July 19, 2022 Headwear
For Sale (FS) / SOLD REI Quarter Dome 2p
closed |  $110
Josiah McEachron July 10, 2022 Hub and Pole Tents
For Sale (FS) / FS: REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL-1 with footprint
closed |  $250 $200
Benjamin Mauch June 21, 2022 Hub and Pole Tents
For Sale (FS) / REI Bug Hut 1 Lightweight Net Tent 22 oz Sold
closed |  $40.00
Lawrence June 5, 2022 Shelter Systems
For Sale (FS) / REI Half Dome 2 Plus Tent
open |  $280 $180
Todd Richards May 31, 2022 Shelter Systems
For Sale (FS) / WTS REI Quarterdome 1P (2 lb 7 oz)
closed |  $200 $180
Matt Wang May 30, 2022 Wedge/Dome Tents

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