The Platypus Gravityworks 6.0L Filter is a mature product that addresses the use cases of high-volume water treatment for groups and basecamp scenarios. It is simple to operate and is robust and reliable. It provides clean water at a higher rate and with less effort than mechanical pumps, and at a comparable weight. Its main limitations are that it will not remove viruses or chemicals and that it is more difficult to use in non-forest environments such as above treeline and deserts. Drew Smith, who recently reviewed this product, has used this filter for years on group outings and will continue to do so.


  • Walkaway operation, low hands-on time
  • High capacity
  • Robust design unlikely to fail in the field
  • Field cleanable
  • Good weight to capacity (volume) ratio for groups
  • Easy to collect and transport water


  • Does not remove viruses or chemicals
  • No adapter for wide-mouth bottles
  • Requires trees or other support, preferably > 5 feet height
  • Decreased filtration rate over time, even with backflushing