This is the “shoulder-strap Tritan bottle” used by Backpacking Light founder Ryan Jordan. Ryan spec’d this bottle with a thinner-walled Tritan plastic than what you’ll find in Nalgenes and other (heavier) water bottles. At 35mm, the opening is still small enough for easy glugging,┬ábut much easier to fill in lakes and stillwaters than narrow-mouthed 28mm bottles.

The 3.2-ounce weight can be lightened up a little (0.3 ounces) by removing the metal cap shell.

The 20-ounce capacity is perfect for shoulder strap or hip belt use or easy retrieval from backpack side pockets.

Tritan plastic is heat-tolerant, making it a great option for hiking with hot coffee or soup without leaching bad plastics into your food. In addition, Tritan is a highly inert material, which makes it great for storing flavored drinks, soups, coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages without taking on the taste and smell of the contents.

Capacity: 20 ounces
Dimensions: 8 inches (h) x 2.9 inches (dia)
Material: Tritan