Most head nets are either too short to protect your collar area, don’t stay in place while wearing a hat (or lack the volume to use with a cap), and are made with noseeum mesh that blocks your view of the nature we’re supposed to be enjoying. The Ben’s Invisinet Head Net has a drop-front with drawcord closure, elastic crown, and high-visibility mesh – and is our recommendation for a high-performance head net. And all for less than an ounce.

Ben’s Invisinet vs. the Sea 2 Summit Mosquito Headnet: The S2S headnet also has a crown section, but it doesn’t secure around the tops of caps (e.g., baseball caps or Tilley hats) as effectively as the Ben’s. Otherwise, both are excellent choices.

One minor note: it’s best used with a brimmed hat to keep the mesh away from your ears. I found that wearing the net over my bare head allowed the mesh to touch my ears, and while the mosquitoes weren’t able to fit their bodies through the net, they were able to bite my ears through the pores! – Daniel Hu