The 2 shoulder strap pockets ( zpacks and GG ) are 2 or 3 years old,  never used. The GG Bumster os a few years old and well used but perfect working condition other then being well used. The GG pot cozies are the large and medium sizes I believe.. not 100% sure but one is big the other is smaller. These were used several times.  The large one can fit something like the Vargo Bot 1L and the smaller one i used for 600-700 ml cup/pots.  The DCF cozie is brand new,  never used. I recently picked it up myog from Etsy, but never used and have since decided to use my pot to eat out of instead of freezer bag cooking. This cozy will fit any and all meals from various companies as well as your own meals in freezer bags. There is akso an old MLD zipper pouch from years ago, never used brand new. Selling everything for $30 shipped via USPS in the US. Email [email protected] if interested.