I have two Pa’lante packs along with a large sidebag that is sand color gridstop that I will throw in if you buy BOTH packs

Desert pack – purple gridstop 19” – never used

V2 – sand gridstop 19” – taken on a day hike

I love pa’lante packs and I have a v2 as well as a desert pack already in my collection.

I find that I prefer the ultraweave material to the gridstop so I wont be using these two packs.

I am very happy with my V2 in black and the white desert pack both in ultraweave. I hike in the deserts of So Cal and do a fair amount of bushwacking and for me, the ulktraweave is a more durable material than the gridstop.

As far as ultralight packs go, Pa’lante packs are so much more robust in the details – straps, buckles, stretchy mesh etc and the bottom pocket is next level.

I took pictures with my iphone of both packs but I have to convert and shrink them and its too much effort to do it here. Just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to email pictures of the actual packs

I bought the sidebag when I purchased the v2 and thought I would use it more in daily life….nah…so that is brand new ( $70 value )

I do want to try to sell these bags together and am happy to give the buyer a great price for both rucks and the sidebag


If you only want one, make me an offer