Yesterday’s Backpacking News (YBN) – February 10, 2022

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    Rex Sanders
    BPL Member


    All the lightweight backpacking news that fits.

    100 Tips To Be More Ultralight
    Jupiter Hikes, YouTube
    In this 21-minute video, Jupiter makes lots of good suggestions, based on 11,000 miles of long-distance hiking experience. Most should be familiar to long-time BPL readers, but refreshers never hurt. More tips in the comments.

    One year+ review – Corporate schwag puffy
    Paul Mags, blog post
    Paul Magnanti extolls the virtues of free and thrift-store puffies with obnoxious corporate logos, “good enough” and almost as light as much more expensive labels. Rex’s tip: cover the logos with ragged patch tape and make up a good story about how you got those rips.

    3 Permits Revoked in 2 Weeks in Latest Blow to Mountain Valley Pipeline
    Penina Satlow, The Trek, blog post
    This large natural gas pipeline has been in the news since 2015, in part because it will parallel and cross underneath the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. The article covers many of the potential impacts and the latest legal setbacks, with links to other coverage.

    9 Mistakes I Made on my PCT LASH
    Penina Satlow, The Trek, blog post
    Interesting words of wisdom from someone who section-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican Border to Sonora Pass. “Spoiler: Everything Still Turned Out OK.”

    Montane Protium Fleece Jacket: Full Review
    Chris Townsend, The Great Outdoors, article
    Chris gives his usual succinct and British-informed review of this 415-gram fleece jacket, which earned 4/5 stars and a “Recommended” rating.

    On The Edge Of Torridon: A Trip Report With Gear Reviews
    Chris Townsend, blog post
    Entertaining – even long-time experts fall into pools of icy water. Plus reviews for most of the gear he took along, including an unusual sleeping bag, a 75-gram coffee maker, and (omg!) boots. Most items got 4/5 stars or more.

    What’s the Deal with Dyneema? The Far Out Fiber’s Features and Future!
    Ali Becker, Garage Grown Gear, blog post
    Geek out even further on Dyneema fiber and DCF/DCH fabrics. With clear explanations, and comments from well-known DCF innovators in the lightweight backpacking industry. Includes most of the pros and cons.

    Why Pressure-Regulated Stoves Are Better In Cold Temps
    MSR, blog post
    Some canister-top stoves like the Pocket Rocket Deluxe include a pressure regulator. Here MSR explains how they work and why they perform better in low temperatures, when properly designed. This being BPL, let the flame wars begin :-)


    This post is an experiment. I read too much backpacking news and thought I’d share some of the interesting bits. Plus my opinions. Briefly.

    Do you see any value in this approach? What should change? Should I continue? Feedback welcome.

    — Rex

    Adrian Griffin
    BPL Member


    Locale: Sacramento

    Rex, I like this. Do one every month or so.

    BPL Member


    Locale: Virgo Supercluster

    I like it!  A nice, condensed little news feed without unwanted clutter is desirable.  Definitely keep it up, and definitely keep the normal biases absent. 👍

    Bill in Roswell
    BPL Member


    Locale: Roswell, GA, USA

    Awesome job Rex! Thank you so much for researching and posting!

    John S.
    BPL Member


    BPL Member


    Locale: Western Colorado

    Great idea Rex! Thanks for putting this together, and please continue!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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