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    Bob Kerner
    BPL Member


    Please provide suggestions for a compact, light tripod suitable for backpacking, bikepacking and/or kayaking. I did a forum search and most of the threads are +3 years old. I’m hoping that since “everyone” shoots video for IG and Youtube now, there may be some different opinions and experiences.

    Use Case: the 3 activities above. Easily stashed/deployed. Take picture or video and slide it back into an outside pocket on the pack.

    Important Characteristics: compactness. I really don’t want to haul a light-but-still-big set of legs. Stability. I primarily use a point and shoot but occasionally a small DSLR.

    I’ve tried using a Goby. Not a fan! I’ve also looked at small table top products like a Small Rig but I’d be limited to shooting at ground level.

    Thanks in advance

    Glen L
    BPL Member


    Locale: Southern Arizona

    If you or anyone else ever uses an iPhone there is a carbon fiber model that weighs 10 or 11 grams. It’ really works. I carry one.

    for DSLR I have my old Gitzo carbon fiber mountaineer that set me back $850 20 years ago but the pocket tripod for phones was very inexpensive and much lighter.

    Bruce Tolley
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    How much does your DSLR weigh? Do you already use/own a ballhead?

    If you want a tripod to reach eye level and provide stability for the camera plus ballhead, it probably is not going to be all that small.  You might be better off going to your local camera shop and trying out what is on the floor.

    Perhaps one of the smallish carbon fiber travel tripods from Sirui, Benro, MeFoto, Peak Design, or (my favorite) FLM Canada would work.


    Steve B
    BPL Member


    Locale: Southern California

    I went through this a couple of years ago.  I ended up with

    for my Panasonic G5 with a small lens.  Using my own head got the weight down to 17.73oz.  For time lapse.  Otherwise, I would just bring something smaller.


    Bob Kerner
    BPL Member


    Thank you everybody. That Oben model looks like it might fit the bill.

    Michael S
    BPL Member


    Locale: Pacific NW


    I found this tripod to be ideal when I wanted something smaller than a full size tripod but larger than a table top.  It’s pretty light and compact and has integrated spiked feet.

    AOKA 28in/1.1lb Lightweight Compact Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Ken Larson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Western Michigan


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