Teton Crest Trail – August 2022

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    Brad Rogers
    BPL Member


    Locale: Southeast Tennessee

    I’ve never been to the Tetons though I’ve been to WRR five times during the last decade so I think this is a pretty good starting point, though this is probably the shortest and easiest trip I’ve done in a while, though I haven’t been hiking much lately so I thought I would get some expert opinions on my gear list.

    Trip date – last week of August 2022

    I’m assuming highs around 70*F and lows around freezing (32*F).  My sleep system listed is good to around 20*F if needed.

    Should I assume minimal to no bug pressure ?  In my five trips to WRR in the same time of year I’ve had no bug problems.  I’m typically above 10,000ft in WRR and will be closer to 9,000ft in the Teton’s (and as low as 7,800ft).  If no bug pressure, I’ll probably save a few ounces and bring a piece of Polycro instead of the net-tent.  If bug pressure is higher I’d probably take pants (Rail Riders Eco Mesh) and a nylon shirt (Patagonia Sun Stretch) instead.

    I’m assuming alcohol stoves will be legal but if they are not, I have a small canister stove (BRS 3000 or Snow Peak Gigapower) I can use.

    I’m a long time Aquamira user but keep thinking about swapping.  I tried a Sawyer Micro a couple of years ago and didn’t like it, and do have a Steripen Adventurer Opti.  Not sure what I’ll do about water treatment.

    I may decide not to take my camera or inReach.  I normally do off trail trips and an inReach on a well used trail in a National Park might be overkill.  If I didn’t take my camera, I would use my iPhone.

    Here is my list:

    Bill P
    BPL Member


    Hi Brad,

    Just saw this and you’re probably there and out. Hope it was as incredible for you as it was for us. We were there in early August. Lots of rain and lightning both the day before hiking in and the day after hiking out. The Teton Village Lift delivered us above heavy cloud cover day 1. Lot of BeFree Katadyn water filter users in the groups we were hiking along with. Folks running the TCT (in one day!) also favored this system. Water supplies were good along trail. Bug level was mild except on North Fork Cascade Creek. Picaridin application (face/hands) took care of this. Your list looks excellent for a 3 night-4 day hike. Would previously have thought it too light on food, but high altitude appetite suppression is real. Can’t comment upon alcohol stove, but we saw no one using one. I used my iPhone and GaiaGPS for assessing progress, not that it’s necessary with the well-marked trail. We’ll be doing it again next year with some side-trips and will use your excellent list as a template. Thank you for sharing.

    Bill perkins

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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