Technical clothing brands for petite women?

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    lisa r
    BPL Member


    Locale: Western OR

    Hi friends,

    Not sure how many ladies are out there, but I’m looking for recommendations of brands that offer high quality, technical clothing for petite women. I’m sub 5′, 100 lbs. I swung into REI last night to try on a few jackets and all the brands I tried were running big (including REI, Cotopaxi, Mountain Hardwear, Smartwool, and probably a couple others I’m forgetting). I wear my gear into the ground so I’m usually shopping only every few years, and it seems brands and options and sizing is different every time. If anyone has suggestions on brands that might trend small, offer xxs, and/or offer petite sizing, please let me know! And FYI, for those who think kids’ sizing is a good option, it’s not. Kids have no chest and short arms.

    Thanks all!

    Sharon M
    BPL Member


    Locale: Central North Carolina

    I’m a 5′ 2″ female, and I find that clothing from Montbell fits me pretty well.  I’ve also taken up sewing, and now I just hem up hiking pants, rain pants and baselayers that are too long.

    Jeffs Eleven
    BPL Member


    Locale: NePo

    Arcteryx trim fit

    pata has some xxs

    some marmot

    some mtn hardwear

    Basically this is it according to my wife who is your size. She has best luck with arc trim stuff (the running gear) and pata xxs but the choices are pretty slim.

    She has arc nodin, atom lt and ar, some rho lt pants and rho tops, delta lt, some city coat

    from pata she has they hybrid light jacket ot whatever its called (synthetic front, grid back) and merino air, r1, alpine houdini, cap stuff, and shorts

    hope this helps


    lisa r
    BPL Member


    Locale: Western OR

    Thank you for the suggestions!

    Jenny A
    BPL Member


    Locale: Front Range

    Lisa, the advice on Arcteryx is solid, as well as Montbell.  Asian companies (like Montbell and Pearl Izumi) tend to fit more petite bodies better than many U.S. brands, in my experience.

    REI offers some products in petite sizes, as you know, but much of that will only be available online rather than in stores.  Not super-convenient, but at least you can easily return ordered items if they don’t work.

    Matthew / BPL


    You can order from Montbell’s Japanese site as well with reasonable shipping rates. I believe their domestic sizing is smaller than the stuff on their US site.

    Link .
    BPL Member


    They may not carry the smallest sizes at REI but Patagonia women’s sizing starts at XXS online and at their stores.I also like Montbell, I am 5′ tall and fluctuate between 105 and 110 forget about pants coming in the right length(for me anyway, I have the worlds shortest legs) I wear shorts and if it is really cold I  either  wear wind pants or fleece tights depending on the weather(that’s everyday not just for hiking). I got tired of taking all my pants up and in making them shorter and narrower so they fit correctly.

    Elliott Wolin
    BPL Member


    Locale: Hampton Roads, Virginia

    Check out Sierra Trading Post and clearance sales from other sites, I often see really small sizes at substantial discounts on clearance.

    Side note:  many years ago Early Winters in Seattle had a dummy in the window fully outfitted with their best stuff, but all women’s XS or something like that.  They were selling everything the dummy was wearing for a really low price, maybe 70%-80% off regular prices, but you had to buy it all.  Alas my wife was women’s med so no luck for us.

    David Franzen


    Locale: Germany

    I find that European brands often size smaller and have a slimer fit than US brands. Try Mammut, Salomon, Norrona,…

    Donna C
    BPL Member


    Locale: Middle Virginia

    LL Bean carries petite sizes.  I get creative and shop regular stores that carry petite sizes and check the fabrics for breathability. Blair clothes may seem odd, but they have petite and I don’t feel the need to have lots of pockets, etc on my pants. Boys size large tops work for me too. Just because it doesn’t  have a name brand outdoor store on the item doesn’t mean you can’t look elsewhere for things to fit. Athleta has some great pants that I have used for hiking. Long lasting, quick drying. I travel in them as well. Amazon carries petite fitness clothes…even Ex Officio, which comes in petite. All that said, I have lost weight and now just sew my own that aren’t baggy-legged and use an elastic band for weight change.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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