Sleeping pad: recommend a wide / light one?

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    Edward K



    I have a Thermarest Neoair Xlite (183cm x 51cm – regular – 350g) and find it a bit narrow. I am 6′ 2″ and quite broad shouldered. I am a back sleeper 95% of the time.

    Anyway, I was reviewing some of my gear and started to wonder if I would do better with a wider pad.

    I’ve just had an evening of googling and searching and it looks like these two should be on my short list:

    1 – Exped Synmat HL MW (183cm x 65cm – 440g – tapered shape)

    2 – Nemo Tensor Regular Wide (183cm x 64cm – 460g – rectangular shape)

    Are there any other pads that I should shortlist?

    Any pros or cons between these?

    I think that the additional 100g or so will be offset by a more comfortable night’s sleep.
    Has anyone gone down a similar path?



    Edward John M
    BPL Member


    Went to a wide mat almost 6 years ago, half by chance as somebody was selling S/H at a good price.

    The S2S Comfort Plus may be a bit heavier than your limit tho I find it makes a huge comfort difference on snow

    J R
    BPL Member


    What about the wider Xlite?

    Jim C
    BPL Member


    Locale: Georgia, USA

    You may also want to look at Sea to Summit Etherlight. I just ordered the women’s large, which is 25 x 72 inches and has a higher R value than their men’s pad. But it is heavier than the other two on your short list, at 530g.

    Mine should come in Wednesday, and I plan on taking it out overnight this weekend.

    My first inflatable was an Exped Downmat UL (regular width), which I still like a lot, but it’s over kill for me. Then I got the regular width Synmat Hyperlight, but I determined I should have got that in wide for the way I sleep. So I’m giving the Ether Light a try, thanks to my REI dividend. It’s only a little lighter than the Downmat, but wider.

    Rick M
    BPL Member


    The Massdrop x Klymit Ultralight Double Sleeping Pads are pretty comfortable at 102cm/40″ wide and 714g (R1.3) or 998g (R4.4).

    Dan E
    BPL Member


    Thermarest uberlite?

    David P
    BPL Member


    +1 wider Xlite 25”x77” 453 g and R 3.2

    +1 wider Therm-a-Rest Uberlite

    25”x77”  340 g and R 2

    Chad “Stick” Poindexter
    BPL Member


    Locale: Southeast USA

    As others have said, +some to the large/wide NeoAir XLite sleeping pad. I love mine and even though I can “fit” on a regular size, the extra 2.8 oz to go with the wider version is well worth it. Mine comes in at 15.5 oz. Also, I just noticed that the large sizes is for sale at $149 over on the Thermarest website… I guess they are clearing them out for new models…  That’s a good deal though!

    Also, for an even wider “feel” you could check out the NeoAir Xlite Max… it is the same size, but it’s rectangle shaped rather than tapered. (They appear to be sold out already on the Thermarest site, but likely there are others at other site?)

    chris mcfarland
    BPL Member


    Locale: pnw

    i have got a wide neoair 1st gen and cut it to a 3/4 length.  never looked back, i also have wide shoulders and also a shoulder issue that causes my are to fall asleep it it falls off the pad :-/.  cut down it is 275g vs my regular width which the wife uses which is 250g, best 25g i ever spent!  (both pads are cut to about 50″)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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