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    Ryan Jordan


    Locale: Central Rockies

    Companion forum thread to: Route Planning Tools & Processes (Member Q&A)

    Planning a route for wilderness backpacking trips in remote environments can be complicated. In this webinar, learn about route planning tools and processes that simplify planning and help you plan safe, comfortable trips in the backcountry.

    Nate W
    BPL Member


    Thanks Ryan for the informative session.  I wanted to add a few experiences that I believe compliment the session.

    I completely agree that the Trek Planning Master Class is a great way to continue if this session has sparked your interest.  I took the course and came away with a new way of looking at not only multi-day trek planning, but also how to scout potential areas of interest for shorter activities like day hikes.  I put it to use in the White River NF a few months later, where my research put me onto a trail that was exceptional and off the beaten path.  I even got a compliment from a local we met on trail for finding an area not many know about.  I picked that trail and area because of the research I did showed me things a simple trail or area map would not have.

    I also wanted to concur with the use of local Ranger districts for on the ground planning information.  The pre-trip planning phone calls to ranger stations have given me valuable local feedback on conditions, weather, and area utilization trends.  Also I would add to that make time on a trip, even if it is after the trek, to personally stop in at the ranger station and have a chat with them.  In person you have the ability to establish a relationship with them and my experience has been when they ‘see’ your enthusiasm / respect for the outdoors the conversations get much more interesting.  On a recent trip in the Black Hills NF these chats gave us the opportunity to see a Rangers personal video of Black Footed ferrets in the wild she had taken while out on a a recent ferret monitoring project.  My kids were ecstatic since they have two ferrets at home and are just a little ferret crazy.

    Additionally along that information gathering line is, when the opportunity presents itself, talk to the people you see on trail especially those less traveled ones.  It may be too late for planning value, but can be very valuable for future treks.  In one memorable example I met someone from the area and was given a great tip on a close by but out of the way camp spot.  Luckily we had the extra food to add a night to our trip on the fly, a plus of packing my own freeze dried meals that adds minimal extra weight.  The next morning my family and I shared some camp coffee and nearly two hours of good conversation with our fellow trekker.  All this made the whole trip even more memorable.

    I hope these comments can be useful to the BPL community.

    Keith T
    BPL Member


    Locale: Western Central Sierra

    Hi Ryan,

    For future videos, can you offer the “settings” option to watch at x2 speed? Thanks!

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