Removable wrist gaskets for paddling

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    Laurence Caron
    BPL Member


    Hello all fellow amphibians, those who trek and float (and swim sometimes).

    Looking to bring removable latex (or other material) wrist gaskets to put on my rain jacket when I’m paddling. Have you ever tried and succeeded to prevent water dripping under cuffs?

    Context : Sometimes it’s raining when I’m on the water, sometime it’s just cold and I need a rain jacket. Still, hands can come in contact with water and then it drips under the jacket… Never tried taping, I don’t own WP gloves, and never tried replacement latex wrist gaskets (intended to be glued on drysuits).

    Any experience or philosophical idea on it?



    Mike B
    BPL Member


    Locale: Colorado

    Drip rings on the oars and cinch the Velcro down on the sleeves of the jacket has been my go to. If really bad I will put gloves or rain mitts on over the ends of the sleeves. Have used rubber bands as well on a jacket that did not have Velcro, I usually carry a couple of the ones that come around produce from the grocery store.

    William N
    BPL Member


    I live in Southern California, paddle off the coast here, water temp probably gets down to 55f (12C?) so not too bad. I had a dry top – hated those stupid gaskets, they stopped feeling like a tourniquet for about two weeks and then they tore.

    My best guess is make some neoprene arm gaiters – use the stretchy neoprene, fits snug and is waterproof enough that any water that gets in the end quickly warms up – as neoprene is designed to.  I put all that stuff about my conditions because this might not work farther north where it gets colder.

    Neoprene is tricky to work with. you edge glue it and then stitch it but only through one side.  Sounds difficult, but it’s easy to do. (I made water proof gaiters using neoprene ‘spats’ to seal my boots. Silicone caulking for sealing the edges and through stitches).  Got an old wet suit around? The arms and leg parts should be stretchy enough to slip on over your hands.

    When I’m out paddling in the cold water I find my layers of merino wool, capoline – which are snug to my wrists, but get wet, and an old windbreaker (shredded – no seal) and NRS mittens (!!)  seems to keep my hands and arms warm (and I’m a chilly hands and feet person)

    BPL Member


    I cant find it on the kokatat website currently, but the only thing that keeps water from entering through the cuffs is their semi-dry top with latex wrist gaskets and an open / unsealed neck.

    Neoprene gaskets would also probably work in low-exposure situations

    I would think that anything short of an integrated gasket would allow water to labyrinth back and forth as your arms go up and down, eventually leading to water intrusion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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