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    Robert n
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    Just wondering if anyone out there hunts with air guns? I have a Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber and it shot through  a heavy 3/4 inch plywood board. I watched a video on you tube and he shot a deer in the head went all the way through,  the deer dropped instantly. I have never hunted anything,  but I  would like to go turkey hunting or pheasant duck etc.just wonder if anyone else does? I  live in Cleveland Ohio  [email protected]   bobby

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    Locale: Central Indiana

    I have hunted squirrel with both spring-piston air rifles and pneumatics (Benjamin Discovery).  My cousin hunts Canada geese with a .25 caliber Marauder, and reports good results.

    You should have enough power for turkey, as well as pheasant and duck.  I don’t doubt that it could kill a deer if you make a perfect shot, but I would be concerned about making a clean kill under field conditions.  Even the Marauder, which is pretty powerful for an air gun, has less power than a .22, which isn’t considered a humane round for deer in most circles (including your friendly local game warden).

    Do have a look at the legalities in your area too.  Around here squirrels and rabbit are OK, but I don’t think any air gun is legal for birds.


    W I S N E R !
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    Hunter education and hunting license?

    David Thomas
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    Locale: North Woods. Far North.

    Some air-gunners have youtube channels and are employed / allowed to hunt farm land for ground squirrels, doves, up to some medium-sized fowl.

    Strongly consider going with someone whose skill and ethics you admire and learn from them.  Offer to be camp cook, buy the gas, and hump out meat.

    Any hunting (or fishing) involves LOTS of legalities and your state Fish and Game Department can answer any questions.  They certainly have a website with links to the regulations plus an overview in a informational booklet.  A few of the issues include:

    • open season for a particular species
    • bag limits
    • method of take (which weapon, what caliber is allowed for each species)
    • minimum caliber (especially for deer and larger)
    • maximum range – in some areas, only shotguns (versus rifles) are allowed to limit range.
    • can air guns be used at all (airguns and crossbows are sometimes prohibited because their silent nature makes it easier to poach
    • license
    • hunter-safety requirement (mostly in blue states)
    • tags for a particular species ($25 to $1000+)
    • how to seal a catch (maintain proof of gender, etc)
    • how to report a catch (online, at a station for measurements, etc).
    W I S N E R !
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    ^^^ Good breakdown Dave.  Which is why I ask about hunter ed and having a license.  Most of the above would be covered in a hunter ed class.  First things first.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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