Need help with Dutch Tarp Suspension

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    isaac m
    BPL Member


    I am confused by all the various hardware offerings Dutch has for a tarp.  I’m gettng  a cuben camo tarp from him and I need help putting together a lightweight, quick and easy setup using his hardware and lines.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Kevin Babione
    BPL Member


    Locale: Pennsylvania

    In the past year I switched from no ridgeline for my tarp (I used linelocks on both ends) to Dutch’s Continuous Ridgeline and I’m really happy with it.  I went with the soft shackles and it makes it really easy to put up and adjust the tarp.

    The Wasp took a little time for me to figure out (I’ll admit to carrying the card describing how to use it on my first trip), but now that I’ve got it putting up my tarp has never been easier.

    One thing that I learned after my first trip…I tried taking the tarp off the ridgeline each morning, but I found that the ridgeline got really tangled no matter what I did (in part because the soft shackles were catching on everything).  I emailed Dutch (I’m lucky enough to live about 8 miles from his shop) and he suggested leaving my tarp attached and perhaps trying a tarp sleeve.  I’ve now done two trips with the sleeve and couldn’t be happier.  I went with the “2 6-foot sleeves” option and it makes it really easy to stuff each half of my tarp into it and then fold it in the middle.  It definitely made the tarp more bulky, but that hasn’t been an issue for me.  My tangling issues were gone and my tarp went up faster than ever.

    I hope this helps.  I now have his continuous ridgeline with soft shackles on my two cuben tarps and am going to buy a couple more for my sil-nylon tarps that I have for others who come with me.

    matthew k


    I have tried several of his solutions over the years and I have decided I like using MLD’s thin orange line with a McCarthy/Trucker’s Hitch over a hardware solution. I prefer MLD’s line because it resists tangling well. Look up Skurka’s article on tarp guylines for the McCarthy Hitch. If the trees are close enough, it’s just dead simple and if they are farther apart or large diameter you switch to a Trucker’s Hitch which takes about three seconds longer. I use a nonstandard variation of the Trucker’s Hitch, taught to me years ago loading trucks full of theatrical scenery well before I ever thought about rigging a tarp. I’m sure someone will tell me it’s wrong but I find it easier and have used it for literally 25 years without any problems. YMMV.

    matthew k


    Oh, also I worry about titanium bits poking a hole in a tarp when it’s stuffed into my pack. Just another reason to go without hardware.

    Also Shug has a video somewhere about hanging a tarp using a Timber Hitch. I actually used that technique once shortly after he made that video and I cleverly left my Stingerz at home. #whoops

    Brad P
    BPL Member


    I have the Dutch continuous ridgeline and do like it. I have to be careful putting it away or tangling can be an annoyance. Otherwise, it makes centering the tarp over the hammock easy.

    I haven’t used it in strong wind, but I assume a continuous ridgeline improves rigidity. Those with more experience can chime in.

    BPL Member


    Split ridge line with Stingerz… check them out. Simple and fast.

    Keep mine in mesh snake skin from hammock gear..

    Iago Vazquez
    BPL Member


    Locale: Boston & Galicia, Spain

    I have tried a couple of this setups and liked them, but not loved them. I just tried and love this one. Pending more field use, it is a keeper for me. I like that there is no tangling and untangling while handling the tarp in the wind.


    BPL Member


    Locale: Somewhere East of Montauk

    Over the past decade I have tried nearly every hardware based RL in both a continuous and split configuration.  Using three HG DCF tarps.. the Standard, Standard w/ doors and the Palace.

    Many folks lean towards a continuous RL, but I get a much better, more controlled pitch with split RLS.  I use Zingit with mini ucrs at the tarp tie out point and fig 8 splice with diamond knots at the tree end, and the split lines stay attached to each tarp.

    Been using this setup going on three or four years.  Can’t see changing.

    FWIW, all ground lines use 1.2 Z Packs reflective Z Line with Lineloc Vs.  Not planning to change them either.

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