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    Aziz M


    Planning for a 50-55 day section hike of the AT in VA in March & April of 2021. Just getting into longer section hikes and I’d appreciate some help getting my pack weight down without spending tons of money. Skin out I’m at just under 38lbs and I’m aiming for sub 30. Here’s the link to my current list: . Thanks!!

    Bruce Tolley
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    Your insulation looks heavy and perhaps too warm for expected weather

    22 degree synthetic bag

    > 400g  down jacket

    The pack is > 14% of your target weight

    You really need your pack and your sleeping system each under 2 if not 1.5 lbs



    David Thomas
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Woods. Far North.

    Your water storage and treatment look good.  First Aid Kit seems good.  Maybe repackage the lotion and body glide in smaller containers.  I had to look up “spray bandage”.  Maybe go for better-fitting shoes instead?

    Replace the 5-pound pack.  You can’t eat, wear it, or shelter in it.  It’s easy to find packs under 2 pounds, doable at 1.5 pounds and possible (with $$ and lightening the rest of your load) for one’s pack to be under 1 pound.

    Never bring a sleeping bag liner, especially one that weighs most of what one’s sleeping bag could weigh.  Consider a quilt around 600 grams rated for the same temperature (if you need it that warm) like an EE Revelation.

    A BRS-3000T weighs 1/13 of what that JetBoil does, although the JetBoil is a pot as well but there are lots of 50 to 80-gram pot options.  Stove + Pot can be under 80 grams, not 349 grams.

    Instead of 54 grams of paracord, I bring 25 feet (6 grams) of 130-pound braided Dacron line.

    4.5 pounds of packed clothing?  That’s a spring snow-camping trip, not summer thru hiking.  How much could you wear at once, and not overheat?  Leave everything else at home.  Then consider what lighter options are there available for what remains.

    That’s a big battery bank.  Have you tried keeping the phone in airplane mode and off at night/ in camp?  That can give you 4-5 days per phone charge and then a much smaller battery pack could recharge it once per section.

    Brett A
    BPL Member


    If you’re OK with replacing them every so often and/or taping them up a bit, a set of Dri-Ducks would shed a pound off your rain gear alone.  $20

    Consider leaving out the bag liner.  A 22 deg bag, coupled with your base layers and puffy, should be more than sufficient that time of year.  That will save you and 3/4 lb or so.  $0.

    That’s 2lb for $20!

    The jacket and bag is where you stand to lose the most weight but I thought I would mention those.

    Brett A
    BPL Member


    Sorry, I blew right by the weight of the pack😕.  A lighter pack, rain gear and no liner gets you a long way to your target weight.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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