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    Locale: Central Coast of California

    I have a fun little walk coming up this May 27-July 3. I’ll be doing a 650 mile thru hike of Ireland, on the (fairly new) Ireland Way trail.

    I thought I’d list my gear here. My base weight is 9.87 pounds, and my wearing weight is 4.9. Total, everything including extras like bonus electronics/etc is 24.0 pounds (wearing + carrying).

    BACKPACK (and assorted organizing bags)
    * (22.3 Oz) Pack: Yama Mountain Gear ‘Sassafrass Fastpack 2.0’)
    * (1.2) Pack liner: GG clear waterproof pack liners
    * (3.0) Packing Cubes: Six Moon Designs silnylon pack pods x3 (Food/Clothes/Ditty & Electronics)
    * (.6) Dry bag: YAMA Mountain Gear DCF roll top dry bag 400 cu inches
    * (1.0 oz) Wallet: Zpacks travel zip pouch
    * (.5 oz each) Organization: Zpacks tablet zip pouch x2
    * (.3 oz) Organization: Zpacks passport zip pouch
    * BACKPACK (and bags) TOTAL: 28.9 ounces (1.81 lbs)

    * (9.6) Tarp: Yama Mtn. Gear DCF 9/7×9
    * (2.4) Stakes: x8 Vargo Titanium Ascent
    * (15.0) Quilt: Jacks R Better custom
    * (4.4) Bivy: Borah DCF bivy (4.35)
    * (8.0) Sleep pad: Thermarest NeoAirXlite M
    * (2.8) Pillow: Sea to Summit Aeros
    * (1.6) Ground cloth: GG Polycro
    * SHELTER/SLEEP SYSTEM TOTAL: 43.8ounces (2.74 lbs)

    CLOTHES (in pack)
    * (.7) Smartwool Buff
    * (12.5)Midlayer:Patagonia R1 pullover
    * (9.6) Insulating Jacket: Enlightened Equipment XL 10D Men’s Torrid APEX Jacket Custom w/hood
    * (7.4) Wind Jacket: Patagonia Stretch Rain Shadow Pullover
    * (7.3) GoLite Poncho/Tarp
    * (3.5) YAMA Mtn. Gear insulated Pogies
    * (2.6) Gloves: Ibex merino wool gloves
    * (4.8) Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion
    * CLOTHES (in pack) TOTAL: 48.4 ounces (3.0 lbs)

    CLOTHES (wearing):
    * (3.0) Hat: Mucros Irish Flat Cap
    * (16.0) Pants: RailRiders ‘Bushwhacker Weather’ pant
    * (2.9) Briefs: ExOfficio ‘Give & Go’ 9” boxer briefs
    * (9.0) Shirt: Patagonia ‘Sol Patrol II’
    * (4.8) Socks: Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion
    * (4.5) Shoe inserts: SuperFeet Blue Size F
    * (38.0) Shoes: Hoka One One Tor Hi Boot
    * (16.0)Trekking poles: Leki micro Vario cor tec (also use for tarp setup)
    * CLOTHES (wearing) TOTAL: 94.2 ounces (5.9 lbs)

    * (1.8) 750 ml Plastic Peanut Butter Jar
    * (.5) GG Long handled bamboo spoon
    * (2.0) Sawyer micro squeeze H2O filter
    * (3.0) 1.5 Liter Smart Water bottles x2
    * (1.0) Trowel ‘The Deuce’
    * (1.4) Towel: REI Co-op Multi Towel Lite
    * (5.5) Ditty bag (toothbrush/soap/etc.)
    * KITCHEN TOTAL: 15.2 ounces (.95 lbs)

    * (1.3) Headlamp: Petzl BINDI
    * (6.6) iPhone 7S+
    * (2.4) Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones
    * (2.1) GoPro dual battery charger
    * (7.4) Garmin Oregon GPS
    * (17.3) Anker powercore 26800 battery
    * (2.4) Sublimewear travel Power adapter
    * (3.5) Asst charging cords
    * (7.7) Xcentz Quickcharge Cube USB C
    * ELECTRONICS TOTAL: 50.7 ounces (3.2 lbs)

    * (17.0) Fujifilm X100F digital camera
    * (2.7) Moment Wide 18mm Lens – iPhone
    * (2.7) Moment Anamorphic Lens – iPhone
    * (1.4) Moment iPhone case
    * (39.2) AmazonBasics 52-Inch Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod
    * (9.5) GoPro Hero 7 Black setup
    * (10.6) DJI Spark drone
    * (14.1) DJI Spark controller
    * (3.8) DJI Spark – extra batteries x2
    * (2.3) DJI Spark Battery Charging Hub
    * PHOTOGRAPHY TOTAL: 103.3 ounces (6.5 lbs)

    24.0 lbs total
    – 4.9 lbs (wearing)
    – 19.1 lbs (on back)
    – 9.87 Normal baseweight w/out extras

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    Locale: Central Coast of California

    Almost forgot…😂

    Instagram: FreedomPanda

    YouTube: Freedom Panda

    YouTube video


    Bruce Tolley
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    Sounds like an awesome hike.

    Not sure why you need the handheld GPS if you are carrying your smartphone.  If you are referencing paper or electronic topo maps, remember to check the grid reference, since the Republic of Ireland uses the Irish Grid and I assume Northern Ireland uses the UK Grid. My Garmin Inreach does not support these grids but any real handheld GPS will.

    I have not backpacked in Ireland but imagine it is like Scotland where even in summer the wind can blow the rain sideways and the windchill can drop the temps very quickly into the 20s and in the uplands you have no trees to take shelter in.  So I am not sure about the utility of a poncho. I would take a hip length Goretex parka plus rain pants myself.

    9.7 lbs of electronics and camera gear???


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    Locale: Central Coast of California

    Thanks, Bruce, I’m looking forward to it.

    It’s very much like Scotland…I’ve hiked a bit in Scotland, England and Wales, and the wind & rain can be nasty. I poncho’d on those hikes, and I prefer that over rain pants. Never been a fan for some reason. I like the poncho for the coverage over the pack, mostly.

    Yep, this is the most photo gear I’ll have ever taken, but photography is my happy place, so I’m willing to make that sacrifice. I wish my tripod was made of unobtanium, but even the tripod is light as far as tripods go (at least, to effectively get a good shot & be stable).

    There may be a tweak or two to this setup, and even the possibility of no tripod, but photos are one thing I’m hesitant to skimp on, and I won’t always have a rock wall to perch my camera on :)

    where in Scotland did you get the chance to hike? That may be my next goal!



    David Thomas
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Woods. Far North.

    40 days is a long time to go without hot food.  Not so much, in my experience, because I necessarily crave hot food, but because

    1. dinner looks depressingly like lunch, both of which you’re getting bored by the limited options, and
    2. if you’re resupplying from small stores, the lightweight, no-cook options can be very limited.
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    Locale: Central Coast of California

    That’s so true. Thankfully, I’m going to be rolling through a little town each day, and the longest I’d be going without hot food would be a couple days at most. I’ll bring 4-5 dehydrated meals for nights I’m between towns or times I can’t pack out a fresh sandwich for later. So my food weight will be ridiculously light.

    Bruce Tolley
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    @ Rawhide

    Did a bunch of day hiking around Fort William and Ben Nevis. My longish walks have been the Perthshire Highlands including parts of the Rob Roy Way, and Hadrian’s Wall coast to coast. (I highly recommend the Twice Brewed Inn.) Will do St Cuthbert’s Way starting May 17. Since I walk with my wife, we stay in B&Bs but I do carry a stove and we stop and make afternoon tea.

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    <div class=”bbp-reply-content”>

    I have a piece of the 1 oz .18, and it is so stiff, would not dream of trying to make a tent out of it. It would be frustrating to try to pack up the tent, and the tent would not be able to have any compound curves on it.

    I’ve hiked and visited Ireland a fair bit, personally i wouldn’t shelter in anything this side of a seriously strong tent or shaped tarp

    A mid or something like a TrailStar would be minium for me

    I’d recommend a rethink of your fottwear as well, with the peat bogs and weather it’s impossible to keep your feet dry, quick drying well ventilated trail runners would be my choice

    Had a problem with those pegs folding, i wouldn’t buy anymore personally


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