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    Locale: Western Colorado

    I’m curious what sort of experiences folks have had with Hoka shoes, especially in regard to build quality and longevity. I just had a bad experience with 3 different pairs of Challenger ATR 5s where one of the lugs on the right shoe was noticeably taller than the others, thereby pushing up into my foot. It was quite uncomfortable. The problem was the same on 3 different pairs of shoes and only the right shoe. Thankfully REIs return policy saved the day. This would have been my first experience with a Hoka trail shoe. The incredibly lame response I received from Hoka customer service did nothing to make me consider a future purchase. Thanks for any input.

    Victor Hoyt
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    Locale: Hudson Highlands

    I’ve had two pairs of Hoka shoes. An older hiking boot model that I bought on sale, and a newer pair of Speedgoats. The hikers are leather, and they’ve lasted well, excepting the usual toe guard that lets loose on all these shoes. I think I got about 800 miles in them.

    The Speedgoats seem good so far, but only have about 100 miles on them. They’re super grippy. I’m used to a wider toe box (Altra, see below), but they fit well enough. The welt is separating just a bit on the front of the left shoe, but the uppers are in great shape.

    It’s worth noting, as I’m sure you’re aware, that none of these trail runners have a lot of longevity. I think companies like Altra and Hoka are stepping up and trying to make their shoes more durable. But for the most part I haven’t got more than about 500 miles out of any of the trail runners, before they’re abrading and becoming house shoes. One pair of Timps only lasted about 300. I’ve had five pairs of Altras, ending with the Olympus.

    I have seriously considered going back to more traditional hiking shoes. I haven’t had issues with manufacturing defects such as yours.

    Diane “Piper” Soini
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    Locale: Santa Barbara

    I have some Challengers and they seem better quality than a pair of Topos that I bought on sale. But even though they are a men’s 2E width they are still not wide enough.

    Rex Sanders
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    On my second pair of Hoka Challenger ATR 4 shoes with no major problems, except that they wear out too fast – around 300 miles instead of my usual 500+ miles.

    Seems every shoe I’ve worn in the last 15 years goes through the same cycle – really good for a few annual revisions, then quality takes a nosedive. So I switch to another manufacturer. Seems stupid to me, but at least we have choices.

    — Rex

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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