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    AK Granola
    BPL Member


    I know there are umpteen threads on this topic, but none that I can find that are recent. I need new hiking pants. Pants designed for middle aged, not too thin waisted women, not super low rise, quick dry of course, is the general market I’m in. I usually prefer convertibles, but would also look at regular lightweight ones, or ones that roll up. And they’ll have a pack strap over the button probably depending on the rise, so comfort is critical there; the less hardware the better. No compression tights! Not even on a good day.

    My best pants pair is wearing out; they’re an off brand I picked up at Campmor more than 10 years ago, and they were perfect, although not fashionable. Naturally they no longer have them.

    The ones I am seeing for sale look either like bloomers with loose floppy baggy legs, or appear to be skin tight in the seat (made for men’s bodies?). We have an REI so I’ll try everything they’ve got, but after that it will be mail order, so suggestions are welcome. If you’re a size 3 and 5’10”, what fits you sure won’t fit me! You lucky gal!

    windsor ak
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    Locale: MN

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Duluth Trading Co</p>
    Women’s Breezeshooter slim leg convertible pants


    Greg Mihalik


    Locale: Colorado

    My wife went through this drill today at REI.  Not at all happy with the low-rider offerings in the women’s department she wanderred over to the men’s department and found pants, with a traditional waist,  that work for her.


    Kimberly Wersal
    BPL Member


    Locale: Western Colorado

    Ditto on the men’s pants.  I have a terrible time finding hiking pants… sturdy thighs, 33-34 inseam, trim through the torso.  Women’s pants are usually low rise, and often too big in the waist and too tight in the legs.  The REI women’s Sahara were an okay fit, but they didn’t have the long inseam; the screeline were a little lower rise than I like, but acceptable fit– but no Talls in stock.  My last 2 pairs have been men’s, one pair of woolrich (no longer made), and one pair of ex-officio which actually fit pretty well.  If I find a good fit, I stock up.  I still mostly wear the men’s Woolrich, but they are practically threadbare and have multiple repairs.

    BPL Member


    My wife loves her OR Ferrosi’s.

    BPL Member


    For lightweight pants I like the Montane Terra Ridge pants. I think they fit all the criteria you mentioned.

    Lori P
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    Locale: Central Valley

    I like the waistbands on Duluth Trading Post pants. Been getting them for trail crew. Some of the REI pants have buttons or other things on the inside of the waist band that annoy me, Duluth has some good wearing good fitting pants. They come in different lengths and have sturdy snaps instead of buttons to break off.

    Valerie E


    Locale: Grand Canyon State

    I’ve recently started wearing OR Ferrosi Convertibles, and I’m in the same middle-aged cohort as you.  The other pants I like are Columbia’s “Anytime Outdoor” series — super-comfy waistband, and a drawstring for thru-hikes where your size changes over time.  [I like the Bootcut ones, but if you want VERY wide legs, you could try the Full Leg pants.]

    Both have plenty of stretch for comfort, but the fabric of the OR pants seems to be a bit less hot (which is important for me).

    Dena Kelley
    BPL Member


    Locale: Eagle River, Alaska

    I’m a huge fan of Duluth Trading’s selections. I’m 45, love the way they fit. I use their “Flexpedition” pants in the summer, and their “Black Hills” pants in the winter. They also have “Dry on the Fly” pants which would be quick-dry. I haven’t purchased any of those yet, though.

    AK Granola
    BPL Member


    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have in the past found that Duluth trading post pants had a terrible gap at the back waistband, and they charge shipping. That was a few years back, so maybe better options now. But I did go to REI and literally tried every style of women’s pants they had! Most were skin tight and stretchy – I call them show off your ass pants – just not for me. The worst were the Aphrodite pants; I should have deduced the idea behind the name. Some also seemed they would be very hot while hiking, don’t know. I finally found success getting a pair of REI Sahara convertibles, and a pair of REi Kornati roll ups. Both have lower legs that are a bit more loose and floppy than I like, but otherwise they fit and meet the quick dry, light weight, and modifiable criteria. Don’t know about durability, guess I’ll find out!

    Axel J
    BPL Member


    I came across this Blog today, talking about women’s hiking pants and thought it worthy to share.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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