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    So its been a while that i have slept on ground, last 3 years or so i have been hanging in my hammock for all my trips, all seasons. I forgot how horrible it is to use a blow up mattress. Even before my hammock life, i tried inflatables and could never get comfy on them, so i switched to thermarest z lite sol pad which i loved (for winter and cool months).. and Gossamer Gear torso pad for summer and warm months.
    Anyway.. fast forward to today, i decided on buying a small thermarest x lite inflatable pad to try out. At 8 ounces and packs so small i wouldn’t mind carrying it as an emergency ground pad should i ever have to go to the ground, or if i ever want to camp using my Duplex. My God!! Horrible!! So uncomfortable!! I forgot why i ditched all my other inflatables! I still love the Z Lite without a doubt and i think I may actually continue to carry that instead. At least i can use it to lay out on comfortably, sit on it and if i had to get grounded, i would not mind sleeping on it. Its quick to deploy and pack up, wont puncture, i use a small size, and keeps me warm enough.
    So anyway.. just ranting about inflatable pads.. for me , they actually all suck. Small. Large, regular, wide, Big Agnes winter pads to thermarest 3 season pads.. i have never once layed on them and felt like.. ahhhh its gonna be a good night’s sleep!! The Z Lite, on the other hand, yes i have had many a good nights sleep on it. Sure i toss and turn, if i sleep to long on my side or back or stomach i can start to feel the pressure. So i just turn another way and problem solved. Now. This is where sleeping in my hammock is a wonder!! It relieves my body of all the pressure and i can sleep a solid 12 hours in a wink.. feel like Rip Van Winkle .. lol.
    Personally, if i was thru hiking or long distance hiking, i would carry the Z lite..

    Bob Shuff
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    I’m with you on the hammock being the best choice, but z-lite better than an x-lite?  I’m fine with the gossamer gear pad under my x-lite or maybe a z-lite under it for colder weather.  I typically take some closed cell pad for a sit pad or in my older age a knee pad, especially welcomed when packing or unpacking in the tent.

    If I could only take one and know I will sleep on the ground I’ll take an inflatable over any closed foam pad without a doubt.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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