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    Roger Caffin
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    Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe

    I have a few V6 stoves left over, for sale.

    The complete V6 stove with hose, canister connector and carbon fibre valve handle weighs ~85 g. The canister connector can attach to the standard screw-thread canisters, the French Campingaz canisters and the old Coleman Powermax canisters. Some have managed to connect it to other canisters as well.

    There is a safety on/off valve at the canister connector and a fine control valve at the stove. The stove has 4 combined stove legs and pot supports, and can be pinned down via these legs. It comes with a small jet spanner, a jet pricker, a mini-screwdriver, a small 3-ply base plate which is optional, and four micro-stakes to hold the stove down for stability.

    The ‘standard’ stove has a ~70 mm gap between the pot supports. If this is too big for you, you can put a little square of stainless steel mesh over the stock pot supports to handle any size pot at all. Ebay has plenty, and this works well.

    The hose is about 270 mm long. There do not seem to be any good reasons for a longer hose.

    The stove is designed as an ultra-light winter stove for one or two people. Pot weights of 1 kg for two people are reasonable. It is not designed for group cooking or for handling large pots weighing over 1.5 kg, and care must be taken to stabilise the pot at the upper end of the weight range anyhow.

    All stoves are tested before shipping. They are pressure tested for any leaks, they are tested for gas flow, and they are ‘burn-tested’ to make sure they work how they should. This last test means the burner will not look ‘new’, as it has had a flame on it.

    Costs for ‘standard’ stove
    V6 Winter Stove: US$190
    BPL special price: US$170 (the deal)
    (Australian customers should contact me about pricing in AU$.)
    Paypal fee: US$11

    Post&packing costs are as follows. ‘Signature on delivery’ is not always available – perhaps the postman does not want your COVID? Instead, thanks to the wonders of the computer and the Mobile Network, we now have Tracking Numbers which work around the world. When the stove is posted you will be sent the Tracking Number by email.

    USA/Can US$35
    UK US$38
    Western Europe US$38
    Eastern Europe US$40

    So, for example, to ship one full stove kit (stove, handle, baseboard and bits) to a BPL financial member in America costs US$170 + $11 + $35 = US$216 . That is, you pay US$216 total by standard Paypal to [email protected] . The Paypal fee and the postage are covered by this.

    Contact me at [email protected] for more info. (Do NOT Paypal to this email addy: it does not work.) Australian and New Zealand customers should contact me about pricing in AU$.


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