Durable but still light hiking pants (California)

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    Terran Terran
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    Brian W
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    I would have said Prana Zion as those I wear are still in good shape. However, they have been discontinued for Zion 2s, which don’t look anywhere as durable. It’s hard to say now what is still good. And the brand and product name doesn’t guarantee anything.

    I’m reminded of this because Logitech removed hardware acceleration from their consumer webcams but didn’t change the product name. If you still want acceleration, you have to buy the enterprise models. If a tech company can make these changes without changing a product’s name, what prevents a clothing company from doing the same?

    Tom K
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    “seems unlikely that any pant from 10 years ago would still be made with the same fabric in the same design. so.. IF that pant is still sold it may not have the same or equal properties to what you refer…”

    Your opinion is based on hypotheticals and I am not inclined to get into an argument based on them.  I only offered the suggestion because of my experience with what I consider to be a very well designed piece of gear for the conditions I hiked in, which are the subject of this thread.  You and others are free to ignore my suggestion or pursue it further if it looks interesting, as you please.  But I will say I find it a bit discouraging to have it rejected out of hand based on hypothetical possibilities.

    BTW, I purchased another pair 3 years ago and they are made from the same materials, with the same features, as far as I can tell, and also according to the Montane website.  My only problem was with the fit, which seems to have changed.

    Bob Shuff
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    Locale: SoCal

    I have tried the REI and another pair of convertible pants, but settled for years on the Railriders Eco-Mesh Pant with Insect Shield. The side vent was great since I’m less likely to hike in shorts most of the time. After losing some weight this year I need something smaller and I think less baggy (but not like tights). I’d also prefer a “short” 30” inseam. It’s my desert season coming soon so durability and ventilation are also important. The Ferrosi pants sound great, but how lose or tight is the fit?

    Bruce Tolley
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    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    @ Bob Check out the model photos at the OR website.  I bought 2 pairs in 2016. I found them some of the best fitting hiking pants I own. They do require a belt. I have been known to wear the black pair when I take my wife out to dinner.

    Unlike others above, I did experience some unexpected wear on the seat from daily bike rides and several hikes after about 6 months. OR might have improved the fabric since my purchase but I found them a bit less durable that I had hoped, for example, compared to my experience with the rather expensive Arcteryx Gamma LTs.

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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