Arc’teryx Norvan VT 2 Shoes Review

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    Locale: Rocky Mountains

    The Arc’teryx Norvan VT 2 shoe provides above-average foot protection and traction performance when hiking or running on rocky, uneven ground, but suffers from abysmal durability.

    Ryan P. Murphy
    BPL Member


    Locale: Virginia

    That wear looks like the result of too-soft mesh flexing against the more rigid welded section. I had a pair of Salomon xa’s back in the day where the same thing happened with soft mesh flexing against a more rigid toe piece. They had holes just like yours in under 100 miles while everything else was fine. I know that this wasn’t an issue on some other shoes and that it has long been fixed, but I’ve never bought another pair of Salomon’s as a result.

    Scott M
    BPL Member


    I’ve had a pair of these for ab0ut 9 months, and have had zero problems.  I’d estimate I’ve put 300 miles on them, but have not used them for backpacking or in demanding conditions. Mostly just trail and city hiking, some trail running and infrequent casual bouldering. I have very narrow feet, which may be why I find their fit to be perfect, and may also explain how they’ve held up so well for me. I see no signs of the mesh tearing or separating from the lower part of the shoe.  My Norman VT 2´s are possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned, and I feel extra confident on trails and rock in them. I must admit I’ve treated them extra carefully because of the large investment, so have not really put them through the paces, and have never used them in wet conditions.

    Ryan Jordan


    Locale: Central Rockies

    @rmurphy yep, you nailed it. I’m honestly still shocked that trail shoe makers still make this same mistake over … and over … and over … again.

    – I had the same experience. Careful trail running and day hiking – no issues. Add a heavy pack for multi-day trips where you’re not being as careful – that adds a bit of stress to the shoes.

    Allen C
    BPL Member


    Arcteryx is not a shoe company. They are a jacket/clothing/backpack company that recently started making shoes. They are owned by the same conglomerate that owns Salomon (Amer Sports). So they are for some reason trying to reinvent the wheel that Salomon has already invented, using much of the same technology, but seemingly doing a poor job at it. They will likely either give up or figure it out over time, but why bother when they are making shoes very similar to Salomons, but not doing it nearly as well?

    Best to buy shoes from companies that focus on shoes and have a track record of success. Salomon, La Sportiva, Hoka, Brooks, Altra, etc. IMHO…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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