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    Keith L


    Looking to get a solid trail runner for LW backpacking and interested in making the switch to a 0mm-Drop shoe. I keep hearing and seeing great things from Altra so I am interested in trying them out. I also run in addition to backpacking so something that can take a 25+/- pack load and terrain but also can do just fine on concrete/asphalt. I am really excited about the wide toe box as I have had issues with narrower toe boxes and my pinky toe in the past. REI has a sale on the Superior 2 for a good price ( Would it be more appropriate for me to get a Lone Peak (waterproof or non-waterproof?) or something like the Superior? Should I try the Superior 3 before the 2? I know it is all about fit but I would like to narrow down the choices best I can first before purchasing. I would love to hear your opinions.

    Justin Baker
    BPL Member


    Locale: Santa Rosa, CA

    The superior is more of a minimal shoe, less cushioning, less protection from the ground, more flexibility and ground feel (especially when well worn). The lone peak is closer to a typical trail running shoe in ground protection.

    The superior 2 has serious issues with the uppers blowing out. It looks like they have improved on that issue with the superior 3, which I am anxiously waiting to try out.

    Jake J
    BPL Member


    Locale: Socal

    I’ve done a lot of running/hiking in Lone Peaks, both the 2.5 and the 3 variety. The 3 was a definite step up in reliability compared to the 2.5, better construction and less mesh. I tried on the Superior 2’s and found they were a little too thin for my liking, plus the sizing on the Superiors was about a half size smaller than the Lone Peaks. If you have backpacked in minimalist shoes before and are comfortable with them then I would wait for the Superior 3’s to roll out.

    For me for as a general backpacking shoe, the Lone Peak 3’s are a great shoe. Only caveat is that after about 250-300 miles of mixed use the cushioning in my LP3’s was done. I would go for the non waterproof version so your feet can breathe. The previous Lone Peak neoshell shoes were reviewed to be good, but got too hot if the weather was even remotely warm and dry

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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