Gatorade 32oz Squeeze Bottles (As Seen On TV). Anyone use them?

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    Mitchell Ebbott


    Locale: SoCal

    I'm not talking about the disposable PET bottles, I'm talking about these green and orange things that you see on the sidelines of every major league sports game.

    I'm switching over to a SteriPEN so I need to ditch my Smartwater bottles for something wide-mouthed. HDPE Nalgenes are an option, but I really like having something squeezable. Bike bottles are OK, but normally don't come in 32 oz sizes.

    These Gatorade bottles look like they could fit the bill. Does anybody have experience with them? If so, how spill-proof is the valve, and what does the bottle weigh? Thanks!

    Valerie E


    Locale: Grand Canyon State

    But I'm interested to see if someone has one around the house and can weigh it.

    jimmer ultralight


    The Amazon specs show a 6.3 oz weight for
    2 pack.

    Allowing for any packaging each bottlebrably weighs 2 oz + or twice the weight of most plastic liter bottles..

    I guess I am doubtful sbout the whole "splillproof" one way valve as it is designed to release water under pressure. Great in your car or holding on the sidelines of a game,but not too useful jammed in a backpack..?

    The price certainly is reasonable and there may be way way to rig a leakproof gasket of some kind under or inide the spout to allow hauling water safely in a pack.

    Good find ,OP !

    BPL Member


    Locale: Colorado

    Having those in our equipment for years at a coach, I can't imagine using them backpacking. Not only because of the push pull spout, but because the threads are not particularly good. I have seen the lid pop right off of bottles as the bottle seems to soften with use.

    Christian Edstrom


    Locale: Westchester County, NY

    If you're going to use a bike bottle, the Specialized Moflo is the best by far.

    Frank T


    Locale: San Diego

    56 g / 2.0 oz. on my scale.

    I've been using one for years for my energy drink bottle. The wide mouth makes it easier to dump in maltodextrin powder.

    I have had no issues with leaking, either from the valve or through the cap threads. I carry it upright in a side pocket.

    You need a little pressure to get liquid through the valve, but not much. Even small differences in pressure will cause air to flow through the valve as it equalizes (you can hear air "singing" through the valve).

    Just be sure to use it in the correct direction!

    Gatorade bottle fail

    John G
    BPL Member


    Locale: Mid-Atlantic via Upstate NY

    Half the kids on my sons hockey team switched to the Gatorade squeeze bottles this year. They were breaking regular pull top sports / bike bottles every 2-4 weeks. The Gatorade bottles have had no failures in 4 months of use.

    I've used the bottle for a half dozen hikes myself. It works well for drinking (good volume, no sucking, easy to squeeze) and has no thread problems or weak spots in the plastic barrel yet.

    Dicks sporting goods carries them – but they are switching to a 27-28 oz wasp-waisted version with noticeably more squirting velocity when squeezed. More expensive too – the old version was $6. The new version is $20.

    Paul McLaughlin
    BPL Member


    My son uses one for sports. They don't leak if just laid down or tipped over, but it doesn't take a lot of pressure to squeeze the water out, and there's no way to change that, no way to fuly sel the bottle. So I 'd rather have a bike bottle myself.

    The bottle I like is a different Gatorade bottle – it's 24 oz and with a squeeze top that seals nicely when rotated. Lighter than a bike bottle. But not sold very widely it seems. Gatorade mostly is sold in the 32 oz and 16 oz bottles. But I've found these at Rite Aid and some other stores. Not as wide a mouth as a bike bottle but wide enough to shove some snow in there to cool the drink.

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