Traversing the Brooks Range – A Father-Son-Son Adventure

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    David Thomas
    BPL Member


    Locale: North Woods. Far North.

    As the guy on the other end of some of the messages, I'd say the text messages could have been a bit more detailed. I realize the hikers have been living their realities (bad weather, broken tents, flooded rivers) for hours or days and what they mean is obvious to them, but I'm living my usual life at work, ferrying my kids around (and traveling around the US throughout) and a little more verbiage and background would have helpful at times. On the text-a-tweener, write-an-email, blog-a-post, write-your-grandmother spectrum, err on the write-your-grandmother style.

    And yet, with the inReach, if anything was unclear, I could text Manfred back and get more info. That is a HUGE advantage over a send-only device.

    I've long been negative about SPOT due to its SPOTty coverage in the north, in rough terrain, and the inability of the basic model to send and receive messages. You couldn't devise a more challenging itinerary than mountainous terrain above the Arctic Circle, and yet I never missed a message from Manfred nor were there any times I couldn't message him back. It has me rethinking my choice of my Res-Q-Link PLB (I wanted the most bomb-proof panic button) because the value of sending a reliable text (for non-emergency support and for emergency purposes). I've been in a situation where I wouldn't hit the PLB panic button because we weren't in any immediate danger and I refuse to let rescuers endanger themselves for my comfort, but if I could have sent a message, it would have relieved some worry on the home front.

    Randy Nelson
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    Locale: Rockies

    Thanks Manfred. That is very helpful. I haven't had it out for a week yet but will starting next weekend. Sounds like it will easily handle that.

    David, where I live the SPOT has been extremely reliable. But I also like the ability to send more details if necessary. So I've switched to the inReach. So far so good. Although I hope to rarely need those custom messages.

    BPL Member



    one more thing. The new Explorer also logs tracking points in addition to sending them out. The default setting is logging every minute (you can set it to 1 s) and sending every 10 minutes. We changed the sending to every 30 minutes and turned off the logging.

    I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend,


    BPL Member


    Law enforcement just contacted me to let me know that their investigation of the gear we found was successful.

    Over the last couple of weeks we had spoken on the phone, emailed, sent photos, sent the GPS track of our search pattern and discussed theories of what might have happened out there in the Brooks Range.

    As it turns out the gear was left behind by a hiker, who abandoned the gear when he was out during break up which made his cross-country skis and pulk impractical. He made it out alive and has written a book about his trip

    Nick Gatel
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    Locale: Southern California

    Epic. Awesome.

    You sons will remember this for the rest of their lives — my hat goes off to you as a great father.

    Kristin Tennessen
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    Locale: Bay Area

    What a great trip!

    Clue M
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    Great write up !

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    Following up on a request to see our gear list.

    Have safe adventures out there!

    Manfred — Ban People Less – BOpen. BPL-BO

    Derek R M


    Amazing trip and excellent write-up. I’m new to ultralight and expeditions in general and your packing list is very useful and much appreciated. Thank you!

Viewing 9 posts - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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