Burrow Quilt or Enigma Quilt?

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    Daryl and Daryl
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    Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth

    I'm might buy a 20 degree Burrow or a 20 degree Enigma Quilt. Both look good to me. Anyone with info (beyond what is shown below) that would help me decide?



    BPL Member


    Locale: The Cascades

    I'm a huge fan of Tim's quilts. Never had a Burrow.

    BPL Member


    Don't own either but for me it'd come down to which baffle design I think would work better (Tim's for me). Comparing Long/Wide 20* quilts between the Enigma and the Burrow, the Burrow is advertised at 14 oz 900 fill vs the Enigma's 13 oz 850 Downtek.

    USA Duane Hall
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    Locale: Extreme northern Sierra Nevada

    Burrow is quite a bit cheaper, but don't know what fabric they use, so not sure apples to apples.

    Chad B
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    Locale: Southwest

    I have a 20* Burrow. Below is a link to a review if you are interested. Note that the standard Burrow dimensions are tailored to hammock use. I ordered a wide half taper, which the wide is only 1" more than a standard quilt from EE (55" vs 54"). 55" works perfectly for me but you may want/require something wider. The Burrow is made with Argon shell and liner and it is a very nice feeling material. The Enigma looks great and I don't think you could go wrong with either ones.

    Art Tyszka
    BPL Member


    Locale: Minnesota

    +1 on the positive comments for EE. I'm waiting for the Enigma in Wide, as I toss and turn a lot and am a side sleeper. I currently have a Rev and RevX both in Wide and they width is perfect for me.

    Jeff Sims
    BPL Member


    Locale: So. Cal

    I am waiting for the Enigma in wide as well!! I have a 30 degree Rev 10d long/reg that I use 3 season and even though I am an active sleeper it is awesome. For winter I have a 10 degree long and wide Rev with an extra 3 oz of fill in 10d. again the workmanship is perfect, and Tim is great to work with to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

    slavenya slavenya
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    Locale: Israel

    For me Burrow Quilt did the job.

    Actually I was so please with price/performance ratio that I worked with the owner directly and created custom made Burrow Quilt for couple.

    Inspired by this thread:

    I got the quilt in enormous (King) size that we are using daily at home during cold winter nights.

    It is absolutely AMAZING. Period. It is super light and super warm.

    The only problem that it is very hard to get up….

    Lance Stalnaker
    BPL Member


    I have 4 burrow top quilts. They are great quilts, although mine are not the new argon material. Mine are the 55" wide reg taper-I do use mine in hammocks, so there is that, but Adam will work with you to make it as custom as you want, just give him a call. Great company to do business with. I live close to them in central Ohio and when I told him I had an older under quilt, he invited me to drop it off to make some new additions he was currently doing at no charge. He was very gracious, gave me a tour and of course we talked gear for an hour or so. Great folks there at HG. I am sure EE is similar as a small manufacturer, I love giving my business to the little guy here in the US. Good luck with it! Lance

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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